Thursday, August 03, 2006

What's That Song?

When I get a chance to listen to WBER, whether online or in Rochester, I always make note of new songs I've heard that I like so I can download them later to my iPod. Sometimes, the DJ's don't announce the song, or I lose the signal before I can find out the name of the ear-pleasing tune.

Well, thanks to an article in today's Democrat & Chronicle, I now know of a site that will tell me who the sang the song and its name.

I've already checked out the 10am playlist for WBER.


Kevin_H said...

Cool, good idea for a site and actually useful which is rarer for the web these days - even if it does have the most annoying flash animation EVER. Thanks for the link, I'm always wonder WTF the name of song is too. LOL

Amy said...

*points up to previous comment*

yeah. what he said. :-)

Anonymous said...



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