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Wegmans Obsession

I'm well aware that I'm a pretty big fan of Wegmans, but how much of a fan girl I am became pretty apparent during lunch today with some friends, including a Wegmans employee.

It started when I told Jason (the employee) that I saw him while grocery shopping a couple weeks ago, but he didn't hear me say hi. His girlfriend, a mutual friend, commented that I was the biggest fan she knew of the grocery store. I answered back, "Well it is the number one grocery store in the nation!"

Jason replied, "Yeah, that just came out in.."

"Consumer Reports!" I finished for him.

"That just came out yesterday!" he exclaimed. I blinked, "Well yeah! I get the magazine."

Later on we were discussing some of the recalls the store has had including the wheat bread recall.

"Oh yeah, I remember that now," I recalled.

"Well, you did a story on it for the news," said Leeanne.

"Right, I got to say 'Food You Feel Good Abou…

Desire in a Beretta

The end of August has represented not just the changing of seasons, no matter the temperature, but definitive time period of when I left childhood and entered my young adult years.

We idealize our youth to a degree, but some moments remain pure to the instant they were lived. I rode in the back seat behind my friend, Matt, who was driving his mom's red beretta. We were driving down Ridge Road East at night with the windows down. The season had met that point where the nights could no longer hold onto the warmth of the day, and the wind rushing through the window buffeted my face and twisted my long hair into a chunky mess. I dipped my hand out of the window into the heavy, cool air that tugged at me, as if to pull me from the car while "Desire" by U2 jangled at a frenetic volume.

Behind the Wheel

Matt and I have embarked on another first as a married couple. We picked up our "new" car from West Herr Toyota a week ago.

Here's the new member of our family, our 2001 Toyota Corolla:

Matt is besides himself over this car and the awesome warranty that we got with it. I, on the other hand, was more concerned with establishing this car as "our" car. Part of this involves indoctrinating it into our lives. We travel a lot, so a road trip was in order. This was easy because we had to go to Buffalo to buy the car, so a NYS Thruway trip was built in.

The second part was making sure the car became accustomed to our music. I immediately switched on CFNY out of Toronto to give the Corolla its first taste of "modern rock" under our ownership. I then put my iPod on with a carefully chosen list of songs:

The Smiths - Sheila Take A Bow
Coldplay - Talk
The Smiths - Shoplifters Of the World
Morrissey - I Am Hated For Loving
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
The …

Do You Speak Canadian? Um... Aye?

I was looking through our local paper when a letter to the editor caught my eye. It was written in response to another letter from a fellow who thinks the children in our country should be taught other languages. Having not seen that other letter, I'm assuming he was saying our children should be fluent in something other than English. The person responding had an interesting idea, but I couldn't get past the sentence I bolded:
To the Readers’ Forum:
I’d like to comment again on Mr. Simon’s commentary
on trying to encourage kids of today to speak
other languages. He states that the European nations
speak two, three or four different languages. I wonder
why. So many different countries/cultures under one
continent about the same size as ours. You wouldn’t
expect a Canadian to speak Canadian here, because
their primary languages are French and English.
Mexico is the same way, with the exception that their
primary language is Spanish. My problem with this
way of thinking is this: If you a…

There Goes Our Boy...

I just read the sad news on BFLOblog that Rory Fitzpatrick maybe headed to Vancouver.

Shoot, I've never rooted for Vancouver but I guess there's always a time to start. They also have Taylor Pyatt.

I'll keep wearing the jersey of course.

What's That Song?

When I get a chance to listen to WBER, whether online or in Rochester, I always make note of new songs I've heard that I like so I can download them later to my iPod. Sometimes, the DJ's don't announce the song, or I lose the signal before I can find out the name of the ear-pleasing tune.

Well, thanks to an article in today's Democrat & Chronicle, I now know of a site that will tell me who the sang the song and its name.

I've already checked out the 10am playlist for WBER.

Shattered Moon Alliance (SMA) Con 2006

Two weeks ago, Matt and I took our first long road trip since we got married. This trip was to Madison, Indiana for the EverQuest2 Shattered Moon Alliance Convention. The premise was that the players in that guild would gather for a weekend to meet each other and have a good time. We used the weekend as a longer getaway and a chance to catch up with Matt's long-time friend, and EverQuest buddy, Hector. Here's the day-by-day run down.

Wednesday, July 19th: We left Jamestown at the early hour of 7am and head down I-90. Somewhere in Ohio, the air conditioning became noticably weaker and then practically non-existent. This is not good seeing as how the predicted high temperature in Indiana for the week was 80-plus degrees. Lunch and cooing over babies commenced in Columbus, OH where we saw our friend Karen, Karen's new little girl McKenzie, Kevin, & Mickey. Columbus is a real nice city, but I imagine a lot of that is helped by the fact that it is a university town.

Has Hell Frozen Over?

Last night, Matt and I sat down and "rolled up" a character for me on EverQuest2. We played for a little last night and on my lunch today. I'm at level 5. Anyone who knows me knows what a potential disaster this is!! Guaranteed it's only my first couple of times playing the game, and I'm still on the "isle" where you initially train. I'll have to geek out even more and post a screen shot of my character sometime. Then again, I'm supposed get the pictures up from the EverQuest Guild convention too. Maybe if Matt lets me have the main computer for a couple hours...