Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We Believe!

I do write a regular, everyday blog, but lately this blog seems like Sabres Central in terms of the topics. But since that's what ruling our lives right now...

OH MY GOD! What an awesome game!

Matt saw most of it in some bar up in Buffalo at a Congressman Higgins event for the State Democratic Convention. He called me when they were leaving and had just missed the 3rd-period tieing goal by Carolina. His parents watched the game with me at our house. I had planned to make a quick run to Wegman's to buy more bottled water for my chlorine-allergic hubby, but the game was too exciting to leave for even a commercial break.

It's iffy whether I'll see any of Thursday's game because rehearsals for the Warren Riverside Chamber players go from 6:30-8:30, with a half-hour of driving on top. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll see some of the third period, and hopefully a win.

When it comes to winning Game 7, of course I want us to win. Of course I want us to advance and take on Edmonton for the ultimate. But honestly, I'm so happy with the Sabres right now, that even though I'd feel some let-down if we don't make it tomorrow, I would come out of it feeling like we did fairly spectacular otherwise. They've given us an extraordinary season and post-season. The rest of this series (and next *pleasepleaseplease*) will be great and I can't wait for next season. I hate that hockey is ending in a few weeks.

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