Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tangential Surprise

I think because I'm all excited about Game 4 tonight (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go read BFLOblog) my mind is all a flutter. Kind of like that OT goal last night.

On my way back from lunch, I was listening to my tape of the Six Degrees show I did last month for the WBNY Alumni weekend, and "I Love To Hate You" by Erasure comes on. This made me think of when I borrowed their album Chorus from the library in high school. The girl working behind the counter mentioned that it was a great album and that her favorite song was "I Love To Hate You." I took the cassette home and wrapped myself in synthesizers and Andy Bell's voice. It was all so new to me, but now so familiar. Like an old sweatshirt.

I really want the Sabres to win tonight. It would be justice. I haven't talked about the season a lot on here mostly because I haven't been blogging nearly half as much as I used to. But I've been there to cheer the team on from our living room and while reading various blogs. Even with variable pricing, it's tough budget-wise for us to even get to more than one game a season. In regards to tonight though, in the Fall we almost expected to lose to Ottawa. They had a solid team. Many of us thought they would go all the way. Then Buffalo found they could beat them, not just at home but away as well. Something so important when it came to play-off time. Now, while the chances that Ottawa can even come back are slim to none based on past NHL history, never under-estimate. However, we have home advantage and a Team (with a capital "T") that knows how to prove everyone wrong. All good things.

It's finally raining. We've been waiting for rain for over a week at our house. Matt's allergies are in overdrive and this will help settle the pollen some. My green car turned lime with all the dust in the air. I also put down some weed killer a couple weekends ago on the slope/garden in front of our house. Now I just need to glare at all the little maple seedlings that have popped up. Guess this means more blisters for me.

My parents are on a 17-day cruise right now. I keep thinking it's later in the week than it actually is because of this. I'll think occasionally, "Ok, they must be in Lisbon by now" and then remember it's only Tuesday, or Wednesday, or today. Then I think, "I wonder if Dad found a sports station on the boat that is carrying hockey scores."


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