Thursday, April 13, 2006

Avoiding the Crows

With Easter only four days away, I've started to mildly panic about what I'm going to wear. In my family, we have a saying that "if you're not wearing something new on Easter, the crows will shit on you."

I have a skirt I've never worn that I bought at the end of summer for $3 or something. Now the search for a pretty, white blouse or shirt begins. I plan to hit the mall tomorrow right after work. I've also given myself a mission to find open-toe, white, sling-back shoes. That might be the harder of the two tasks.

Along the clothesline, I also have begun looking at bridesmaid dresses. Unless something has changed, I get to pick out my own bridesmaid dress for Anne & Sean's wedding. It's not until next year, but I decided I better get re-acquainted with the latest styles now in case something snazzy shows up on the bargain rack. With that last statement, I fear I really have become my mother's daughter.


Anonymous said...

Pressure's on!


battlemaiden said...

I SO wish we could go shopping together! I'm having a wardrobe crisis, too, as you know. ;)

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