Monday, April 24, 2006

And Julia Goes Nuts!!

Holy Crap! What an AWESOME Sabres game tonight! I dvr-ed it so that Matt could see it all since he had to work for the first half of the game. So by goal number 6 (Six!!), I was on the phone to Rochester to share my excitement with my dad. "This is amazing!" we yelled. "JP had a hat trick!! Pominville got a goal!" I have to admit I felt bad for Philly Goalie Esche after he lost it in the first period. You don't usually see goalies skating all the way into the neutral zone to fight. And two hat tricks in one night! What a difference from Saturday's game, when I knawed on my nails through two over-time periods. Our poor dogs though. Each of the EIGHT times we scored, I scared the crap out of them as I yelled and pumped my fist in the air. Buddy would jump off the couch and Zak would spin around to see what was wrong.

I'll add that it's probably blasphemy that I read and finished the new Hamish MacBeth mystery... while watching the game. But I like to multi-task my entertainment sometimes.

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Steve said...

I'm with ya. At the end of the first period I got on the phone to my buddy in Philly and hurled many insults and questioned his masculinity several different ways... :^)

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