Monday, December 26, 2005

No Surprises to Report In The End

Cardinal sins aside, I unfortunately don't have any exciting news all said and done. I'll tell you the short hullabaloo that was raised in our house for a couple of days. And that would be that for about a week, Matt and I seriously looked into buying a specialty beer store. I wouldn't say it worked out since we haven't spoken to our bank about getting a loan, and the store owners did have other offers on the table. I would say I'm a little disappointed if not for the fact that running the store involved selling cigarettes. That didn't sit well with me, and when you take into consideration that cigarette sales made up a huge percentage of the profit, it was bound to be uncomfortable.

So that would have been the good news if it had worked out. Maybe another time.

The not so hot news is that things are in flux for me at my job. I'm still employed, but how that all is going could be described as somewhat demoralizing. I do not wish to say more since you never know who reads your blog. Suffice to say, it will become an even tighter financial situation in our household.

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