Saturday, December 03, 2005

Damn Lot of Snow

I'm wrapped up in an afghan while I write this. It's been a fairly busy morning. I've already taken the dogs out, shoveled the walkway to the driveway and our front steps, eaten breakfast, read the Buffalo News, caught up on all my blogs, added some TMBG to my iTunes, loaded and ran the dishwasher, and am now listening to a playlist I created of stuff I actually own that is in WBER's rotation.

I haven't felt a need to move from my spot in front of the computer since I noticed that it's snowing again. The snow caused some problems across our county yesterday. Besides postponing our annual holiday parade, the Living Christmas Tree performance scheduled for 8pm was canceled. I guess they've almost never canceled a performance in the program's 21 year history. We're back on schedule for tonight. Matt and his parents are coming to the 8pm show. I've made Matt promise to take me to Friendly's afterwards for ice cream. I don't care how cold and snowy it is outside, there's something comforting about continuing a tradition as set by my parents when I started playing violin years ago.

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