Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Today is Election Day across the United States. There are local races happening in every state, city, and town. It is your civic duty, if you are registered, to visit the polls today and to record that you showed up to vote. You don't even have to vote for anyone once in the voting booth, but you exercised your right once in the voting booth to at least be counted among those who showed up.

Locally, in Chautauqua County we have several county-wide seats on the ballot including County Executive, District Attorney, County Clerk, and the full County Legislature. The city council seats in the city of Jamestown are also being voted on today. A quick endorsement list from me:

County Executive: Mark Thomas
District Attorney: Ken Lasker
County Clerk: Lori Cornell
Legislature (my district): Chuck Cornell
City Council (Ward 2): Carla Howie
City Council (At Large): Vince DeJoy

And unless I read something today that changes my mind:
State Proposition One: No
State Proposition Two: Yes

Chautauqua County results will be available starting after 9pm on www.votechautauqua.com

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