Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Election Stuff

Matt said it best in his post about why Greg Edwards getting elected as Chautauqua County Executive is not good.

On a positive note, the Democrats took back control of the Jamestown City Council. And in my hometown of Irondequoit, the women have seized the day, the Supervisor's seat, and the majority on the Town Board. They're all Democrats too!

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Kevin H said...

I've heard that Thomas didn't campaign as hard as he did in previous elections. If this is true then he only has himself to blame. If you don't get your message out there repeatedly the average voter forgets or doesn't know what you've done. Maybe I'm wrong about his campaign since I don't live out there anymore, but if I'm right then I'd be pretty annoyed with the Democratic party. Especially considering Chautaqua county was the only county in the entire state to go to the Republicans I believe. Well that and NYC. A pretty big suprise for Chautaqua county going Republican. Either the GOP did a great campaign or the Dems just dropped the ball. NEver take the voter for granted.

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