Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Little Holiday Spirit

My friends and co-workers know I tend to get a little blah about the winter holiday season. Still, I try to get in the spirit in small ways. This year, I'm leaping into the season pretty early on by participating in the local production of The Living Christmas Tree. The picture shown here is of a different church's production, but the set-up is almost the same at the church holding it here in Jamestown. Instead of the white pointsettas in front of the chior, picture a small orchestra squished in front.

Our performances start this Friday at 8pm, with four more to follow at 5 and 8pm on Saturday and 5 and 8pm on Sunday. For someone who is not religious in the organized-sense, I'm getting more than my fill of the Jesus-season over this week.

I'll let my iPod do the rest of holiday-spiriting by randomly playing several of the tunes I'm uploading today. I expect to be entertained by the following discs, mixed in with my usual crazy assortment over the next four weeks:

Maybe This Christmas
Maybe This Christmas Too?
Maybe This Christmas Tree
Barenaked For the Holidays
Bog Sie Rodzi

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