Thursday, September 01, 2005

Politics Going to the Blogs

The County Executive's office is up for election this year, and current Executive Mark Thomas has re-launched his campaign website. And showing he's a forward thinker, or latching onto one of Howard Dean's better ideas, he has started a campaign blog. The blog is mostly just political articles about what Thomas is up to. I'm hoping he'll consider using it as op-ed space where posts are written in the first person. I've noticed that Thomas has a way of speaking in laymen terms when giving news interviews, which is helpfu. This is especially true when you start getting into topics like PILOTS, Medicaid, and various governmental finance stuff.

On a separate note, if Thomas wins the election, he'll be one of the first (if not the first) County Executives to win a third term. His current challenger is a lawyer named Greg Edwards. Edwards doesn't have a blog, yet. His site does have the usual info and political press releases.

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You democrats and your websites :P


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