Saturday, May 28, 2005

Let the Moving Commence!

This will probably be my last post for about a week since we have begun moving our worldy items from dark corners of our house into dark corners of a moving van. Said items will be then placed in larger dark corners of our new house over the next few days.

My parents are scheduled to show up in Jimmy-town sometime this afternoon when I hope to go buy paint and other sundries at Home Depot (pssstt... Behr paint is on sale this weekend!). Tomorrow is the day we can actually move stuff into the house. We have some hopes to get a few boxes in there tonight, but it all depends on when we can get the keys from the current owners.

On the happy end, if everything goes as planned we will have a small army of friends helping us move stuff in tomorrow. We will repay them with an outrageous home-cooked meal made by my Babcia (barbequed hamburgers, salad, dessert, soda, and a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting). We're also handing out free t-shirts for people to wear in honor of the move. Okay, so they're just leftover JDRF walk and City-County softball shirts from a few years ago.

I should note that the weather is behaving appropriately for our move. Ever since I started college, it has rained everytime I've had to move. It's currently raining outside and the radar shows more to come.

Matt and I have both taken off this next week to make a mess of our new house by unpacking. Buddy is a little freaked out by everything, so he'll like the fact that we'll be around 24-7 to comfort him, pat his belly, and give him doggie treats.

The whole online thing is up in the air. I wasn't able to nail down a phone line/DSL transfer thing because the other owners hadn't set a date for their phone to be shut off. So we might not have access until god knows when. Matt is already suffering withdrawal from SWG. But don't fret if you're one of readers who personally knows us. You can still reach us via my cell phone for the next few days.

I'll see you all again once we're settled!


Wendolene said...

Thanks for the note on Behr paint! We need to get some for our kitchen (only room we haven't painted). And have fun moving!

Craig said...

Hope the sofa fits in the living room like you imagined it would.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and happy moving! Wish I could help!



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