Friday, April 08, 2005

Creator of "Brenda Starr" Dies at 98

I'm not trying to turn this blog into a listing of obituaries, but it sure feels that way recently.

Dale Messick, creator of "Brenda Starr" strip, has died.

Brenda Starr was one of the first comic strips I became of fan of along with For Better, Or For Worse, Far Side, and Gasoline Alley. She seemed the perfect maverick reporter in her high fashion, steamy love affairs, and high drama. I wouldn't say she had any influence on my wanting to become a reporter later in life, but I loved checking in on her to see whether she had found Basil, if her daughter was still missing, and if she was still putting up with Gabby in the newsroom.

I became a comic strip reader early on when the comics and weather page of the newspaper became part of my daily morning ritual in third grade. I still check on my favorite strips and the weather every morning, but online now. And I've added various news sites, and now blogs, over the years.

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