Friday, March 25, 2005


I feel like Charlie Brown in the Peanuts cartoons where he throws his head back and lets out a loud, frustrated "Argh!!"

The owners of the house made a counter-offer when they already have two offers on the table. All we can figure is that the other people came in with an offer that was the same as our's or that they're bluffing and our offer is the only offer. Matt suspects the latter and is pretty pissed off. We agreed to some of the terms they're looking for, but not the extra $1,000 they'd want us to kick in for the price of the house. So we wait again. My realtor hopes to hear back sometime today after their attorney reviews the "offers" again.

On a fantastic note, my grandmother has apparently regained her appetite and is eating more normal portions again. I guess the doctors put her on a morphine patch and that's more or less gotten rid of her queasy stomach. We might even go out for dinner somewhere on Saturday when we go up to Buffalo for the holiday. This is big news because the doctors said she could get up to six more months if she was able to eat healthily again (as opposed to the 2-3 without the good nutrition). I consider this a pretty awesome Easter gift even though I'm not into the religious stuff around the holiday.

On an even brighter streak, I had some highlights added to my hair. Three to be exact, although the other two colors are really classified as lowlights. Think blond-ish, red-ish, and an ashy-brown lowlight. This combined with light brown hair. Fantastic! Actually, I haven't quite made a verdict. I like it, but it's pretty different. On the otherhand, I've always wanted to do some red.


Kevin H. said...

That's great news about yr grandma :)

Mauric said...

That's such great news about your grandmother! I'm very pleased to hear it.

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