Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow, Ice, & Rain

The weather has been interesting the past couple of days. Even though it was a bit of nuisance, I enjoyed cracking the creme brulee-like layer of ice on top of the snow that coated my car this morning. Even though almost all the schools had closed in the county, the ice and snow had melted making the roads just fine for driving. In fact, driving to work was easier today than yesterday when I had to pump my brakes while going down Airport Hill to avoid sliding into traffic or down a steep incline. The trick will be seeing how everything cooperates for tonight. We're supposed to get more snow and the wind is going to pick up. I don't think it'll be to terrible since all that snow will get weighed down by the slush on the ground, meaning there won't be anything for the wind to blow around. On top of that, the temperature has been warm enough today that icing shouldn't be too terrible on limbs and other wind-vulnerable objects. I'm also hoping that all the salt the state has been laying down on Route 60 will make for a mostly okay drive home.

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