Thursday, December 30, 2004

iPod Snobbery

The practice of buying certain books to show off to your friends has translated to iPods in what has been called "iPod snobbery" (registration required).

I guess I'm not totally picky about what I put on my iPod as long as it's music I like or stuff that was already on my computer when I did the whole conversion/upload to player. That means I do have the likes of Britney Spears (oh come one, you liked "Crazy" too!), N*Sync (old school "Tearing Up My Heart"), and ABBA ("Dancing Queen" is the best!) sidling up to The Smith's "Hand In Glove, Tori Amos' "precious Things", and the Von Bondies' "C'mon, C'mon".

Of course there's a seasonal dilemma of what to do with all the Christmas music I have on there. I don't want to delete it all since I do have a playlist that I'd like to keep around for next year, but the idea of the hockey-techno keyboard songs from Barenaked For the Holidays coming up in shuffle mode in July just doesn't appeal.

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Alan said...

I was lucky. I already had a Mac before I got my iPod. Every time I wanted to burn a record, I'd do it via iTunes, and just keep the music there. For a while, my iMac was my primary sound system.

When I got my iPod in December, I already had 800 songs ready to go, and I was amazed how the whole thing synced up in about a minute. (via firewire).

Right now, I'm listening to Outkast's (Big Boi's) Speakerboxx, which I sort of ignored for several months after being obsessed with 3000's Love Below.

I found the Barenaked Xmas album to be awesome, and it's still in the iPod.

Black Eyed Peas comes up a lot, and I had to get the new U2 album in homage to the great iPod ad they did.

Also - I had an aux input set up put in my car, so now I don't need a cd changer anymore - I have the ultimate music device.

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