Wednesday, November 03, 2004

George Bush Still Has to Answer to the Other 54.9 Million

It's not looking good for democracy in this country. Yes, we had an excellent example of democracy in action last night, but that doesn't convince me that the radical right is about to change from their course of making this an Authoritarian America.

So we need to continue to be vigilant watch dogs and protestors. Daily Kos said it best. We cannot bitterly accept defeat but take stock of the fact that 54.9 million Americans said that Bush didn't deserve to be president again. Fifty-three million people didn't think they were better off now than they were when Clinton left office. Fifty-three million people who wanted a change so that this country could regain its integrity.

Congress and the President still have to answer to those people too. We will not be ignored.


Anonymous said...

Julia --

I'm moving to Canada. I can't handle another 4 years of this puppet!

Congrats on the job!

-- skb

Anonymous said...

Moving to Canada isn't like moving to another state so I find it absurd that people think that they can just get into another country so easily. Plus, its just a cop out running to Canada. I'd have to side with Julia's comments even if they are a bit militant. In the end the politicans answer to us, and if enough people stepped up and made their voice heard then things can change. But people tend to get lazy after an event like this, and it will interesting to see if people even bother, or let it fall by the wayside.

I wonder what would have happened if George Washington and the rest of the founders of the USA just said screw it I can't 'deal' with King George I'm running off to wherever instead.

Kevin (Bflo)

Crazy hat guy said...

Hey In case you were wondering Bush won by the popular vote also so it doesn't sound like congress and bush did anything there. Cry Babies.

Ryan said...

Wow, Bush won and here's a conservative still being a mean-spirited asshole. Lest you not forget buddy, W only won by a very narrow margin, like about 3%. There's still over 50 million Americans who thinks he sucks and voted for somebody else. So you and the rest of you smug bastards can take your popular vote and Bush's "mandate" and shove it.

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