Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Future Of Our Country Is At Stake...

Today is Election Day.

We currently have a terrorist in the White House who is destroying our country.

Today we can take our country back.

If you are able, Get Out And VOTE.

I've made statements in previous years that if you choose not to go to the polls that you lose bitching rights for the next term. I cannot stress how serious this election is for us and future generations.

On a bright side, it does look like people are getting out to exercise their right.

And if I can get to a computer early this evening, I'll post Zogby's 5pm prediction. He was one of the only people on the money in 2000 with his prediction of "too close to call." On The Daily Show a few days ago, he proclaimed that Kerry would win it today (turn up speakers).

But don't forget that pollsters cannot call people who use cell phones exclusively. Think about that. The fate of this country is still in your hands.

I'll now point you to someone else's words of wisdom, with Michael Moore's final words on the election yesterday.

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