Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'll Take What We Get Here...

With Hurricane Ivan now a Category 5 hurricane with winds topping out at 160 mph, I am even more resolute about not moving too far from Western New York. Sure we received over 4 inches rain in some areas of the county due to remnants of Hurricane Frances, but even that's not so bad.

Someone even suggested that it wouldn't be so terrible if that rain had been snow instead. The figures this acquantance presented was that 4 inches of rain equals 12 inches of heavy, wet snow and 20 inches of light-weight snow. If someone can find me the science behind this, please leave a note in the comments section for this post.

Either way, the result is generally good downhill or cross-country skiing. Four inches of rain? Can't have any fun with that! At least that I know of around here.

Take that Florida!

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AFINLORD said...

The science is actually pretty straight forward. If you ever stuck a full bottle of water in the freezer too long and the bottle breaks open or a soda explodes. Water being liquid can't be compressed. When water freezes to ice it expands and snow isn't ice. Its more like a crystalline sponge and the "dryer" the snow, the more air in it.
The four inches of rain means your lakes and rivers are full and that means fishing & waterskiing!

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