Wednesday, July 07, 2004

So You're Just Discovering This Thing Called A Blog...

One of my good friends here in Jamestown stunned me last week when she asked, "What's a blog?" I decided to round up a couple primer blogs for her to check out and then had the idea to copy on here what I sent her. It'll also give you a quick glance at what I'm reading most days:

Blog For America: The Blog that “started it all” in the political sense. This was Howard Dean’s very effective campaign blog that he used to raise his millions until he stepped down. It’s still being updated everyday as he works to get John Kerry and other Democrats elected.

Eschaton: Democrat that really gives it to the GOP. One of the best “left-leaning” blogs out there.

GirlHacker’s Random Log: Updated week days. She usually does two different paragraphs about something she’s read about or items of interest happening where she lives (State of Washington). Simple design, but usually pretty interesting bits of trivia.

Jenny’s Blog: This is the girl I know from Rochester. She has a really well designed blog and updates it daily.

Wil Wheaton’s Blog: Yeah, the same guy from the movie Stand By Me and Star Trek – The Next Generation. He’s a good writer though. Funny stories.

Wonkette-Beltway Blog: Washington DC gossip


Matt said...

Don't forget about the rarely updated, useless POS that is

Anonymous said...

From western new York myself....Living in Norway now...stop by

Dr. Pants

Ryan said...

Matt, that was a wee harsh, wasn't it? I haven't noticed my own blog being of much merit except for the couple of people (Namely Julia & Heidi) who've been amused by keeping tabs on my weekly adventures for the past couple years.

And to the so-called "Dr. Pants," I dig the Good Will Hunting audio clip on your site... I had a good laugh over it!

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