Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Wacky Pataki & Casinos

We used to call New York Governor George Pataki "Wacky Pataki" in the newsroom. Correct that, we still call him that but usually with a little more venom in the tone of our voice.

The latest shenanigan is the State is apparently negotiating with an Oklahoma tribe to bring video gaming to downtown Rochester. The Buff News story is the first I've heard of this and I'm absolutely appalled. I don't think any more casinos should be opening in this state. Guaranteed, I applied for a job at one so it's a bit hypocritical for me to say that. It's amazing how your values can be compromised when you're getting desparate for finding new employment in the area where you live.

Democrat & Chronicle: City casino pact at hand

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battlemaiden said...

In the paper a few days ago, someone wrote a letter to the Editor suggesting the Irondequoit Mall be turned into a casino. Yikes!!!!

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