Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Searching For A Teacher

Despite my depleted income, I've started thinking about finding a violin teacher in order to start lessons again. Part of this is due to the fact that our friends who are getting married a month after us want me to play at their wedding ceremony. I've played the piece before ("Ave Maria"), but that was back when I was practicing or playing violin almost every day. Now, it's a small miracle if I drag out my instrument more than eight times a year (usually for one of the Community Orchestra concerts).

I've never been big on practicing. In fact, one of the few years I was diligent was when I was in eighth grade. I wasn't spending a lot of time on the phone with friends and I had this weird motivation to become a better violinist because I thought it might make this high school guy I had a crush on like me more than one of the top violinists in the high school. Eighth grade was also the same year I decided that maybe I would become a violin teacher, and thus started the five year educational track to get to that goal. While friends participated in sports, I took up piano. When other friends got summer jobs, I babysat and taught the occasional violin lesson to one of the neighborhood kids. I spent a couple weeks of other summers at various music camps.

Music became a sort of obsession. There was even time when I couldn't imagine being involved romantically with anyone who didn't have musical abilities. We all have our temporary ideals. I would say I was a pretty decent violinist. I had nurturing, vibrant teachers and great opportunities to play with various groups while living in Rochester.

College changed all that. The music education classes were great. I definitely had a real enthusiasm for the material. In fact, I was so interested in the theory of music education that I convinced myself that I really did want to be a teacher for most of my freshman year in college. That changed when I took a class that had us working in the field as part of the class requirements. It's then that I realized that I didn't like children very much. This was on top of the fact that my violin teacher was stifling any desire I had to play violin.

Now that it's been 8 years, I think I'm ready to try again. Plus, I'd hate to think that all that money my parents spent on lessons going to waste!


Ryan said...

Huzzah for that! Having played in a community symphony, I'm all for string players working on their craft, since the strings were rough to listen to quite often. Anyone who's willing to part with time and money to become better at their instrument gets my whole-hearted support... :o)

battlemaiden said...

You can do it! It will get easier once you develop a routine. Now that I have the time to practice every day, I'm actually sore! Yay!

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