Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Another Word For Procrastination?

I've been terrible about blogging. That's a bad way to start off a post. To you, the reader, it's obvious that I've been shirking. You're thinking, "Well, instead of writing a whole post apologizing for not updating, why don't you just post something interesting that we could care about rather than moaning about it?" Good advice.

"There's a Lot of Czech's at a Chess Game in Prague"

My parents and I had a post-dinner habit of reading the back of the Salada tea bag tags while I was growing up. If it was a particularly punny saying my dad would do what I tend to think of as GGB. Groan, Grin, Boo. Picture it this way:

Dad: (reads tea tag, groans, grins) Boooo!
Julia: What does it say?
Dad: (reads whatever witty saying Salada has come up with)
Mom: Oh that's a bad one!

This random memory came to mind this morning when I flipped over and read my tea tag as I made my breakfast cuppa tea.

Brief trivia bit coutesy of Salada: "Salada printed a few words of wit or wisdom on each tea tag beginning in the early 1960's. These tidbits were intended to provoke a smile or a thought while the tea drinker paused with a cup of Salada tea. Through the years, Salada tag lines have become a memorable part of Salada Tea."

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