Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Snow Burst

The first serious bands of lake effect snow off Lake Erie for the new year closed schools in the north county and caused my boss to declare the incelment weather policy for our offices. I heard this just before I got on the expressway this morning, but trudged onward anyway. I knew the weather would get worse I got closer to work, but figured that no one else would show up since they all lived along the lake shore. I was partially right. Our main secretary caught a bus home and my boss was forced to turn around before he got far from his house due to visibility problems. Needless to say, the snow is staying north of here and the sun is attempting to shine.

One of my co-workers asked why I came in. I responded that the roads weren't too terrible yet and I surmised it was better than sitting at home and raising my chances of catching the flu from Matt. Instead, I'm nursing my ailing sinuses here at work. A classmate in my interpersonal communications class in college came in one day with a bottle of water and a bottle of honey. He was in a play that required him to yell a lot. His voice was about shot and he alternated guzzling water with pouring honey directly down his throat. Remembering this, I brought a bottle of locally-made, clover honey to work and enjoying the soothing qualities it has. I would put it in tea, but I haven't found the will to leave my desk at the moment. Instead I'm using my time to catch up on some work and read L'Affaire. I suppose it's books like this that remind me why it would be nice to visit France, but living there is totally out of the question.

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