Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Schmoozing Your Way Into A Job

Even though unemployment lurks eleven months down the road, I'm not particularly in the mood to put on the super-schmooze act to get myself a job. I'd say I'm borderline sabotaging a shot at one job by not writing a thank-you note to the person that interviewed me. Not that it all hinges on a note, but it's certainly an aspect of interview etiquette that I have not followed through on.

I suppose the worst crime is that I have a bountiful collection of people I can use as references, letter of recommendation writers, and general "She has excellent qualifications, you should hire her" sources. Have I thoroughly tapped that? Not even close. Part of the problem is knowing what to say to them. I'm currently faced with cold-calling one person to ask them to put a good word in for me so I can get an interview with one organization. How do you start that one off, especially if you don't call or talk to this person on a regular basis? "Hi, how are you? I need you to put a good word in for me with this job." Maybe it is that easy. Or maybe I'm just burned out enough and yearning for some downtime that I would "unwittingly" take the sort of action or inaction that would lead to a situation a part of my brain says is desirable.

I think I need a head check. Cue "Where's Your Head At?" by Basement Jaxx...

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