Tuesday, December 30, 2003

A New Year Brings...

A few weeks back I mentioned that I would give more details about some things that were changing in my life. I decided to break my own embargo a few weeks early since I have had to tell the news to many of my friends already. It's not an uncommon story. In fact, over half a million people have been telling it this past year.

The News

As of the end of 2004, I will be out of a job. It could have been as soon as January 20th, but I'm taking advantage of an incentive being offered to managers that states I may work part-time hours for part-time pay with full health insurance until the end of 2004.

How Did This Come About?

At the October budget meeting of the Audit & Control Committee of the Legislature, a Republican Legislator proposed cutting a staff position from our office. The suggestion was approved by the Committee, then as part of the budget approval process by the full Legislature, and then signed into law by my boss.

Why Was I Cut and Not Someone Else?

No one in our office is eligible for retirement and I'm the most junior staff member.

What's Next?

I've had one interview and I have submitted my application into another place. I'm looking locally for a job since Matt is practically guaranteed one for the next four years. In the meantime, I'm full-time in my position until January 16th and then I work Tuesday and Thursdays, regular hours, and Wednesdays 10-2pm. I'm hoping to have a job lined up by the end of February, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. I'm also considering various options to traditional employment including writing, self-employment via opening a business in whatever form that may be, and any other ideas that come to mind.

So while it's not an ideal situation to be in less than eight months before our wedding, I'm trying to take it all in stride. I figured I would be in the job market by the end of 2005 anyway when my boss' term is up, so I had started saving money just in case. It's a decent nest egg and with me still earning some money and Matt's full-time pay, we'll get through it okay. I promise to keep you updated as I hear more.

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