Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Need A New Person To Send Hate Mail To?

I have a huge problem with an article by Jan Wong that ran in the Globe and Mail about Rochester, NY and the fast ferry. Now my subject line about hate mail sounds strong, but this woman seriously needs to be enlightened as does the cousin-in-law she mentions in her article.

The D&C has ran two articles including this one talking about how "irked" Mayor Bill Johnson is about this. The Globe & Mail also ran their own follow-up article that cited that quite a few readers were put off by Ms. Wong's "article". Shep joined the fray and blogged about the whole deal.

I agree that the problem partially lies with the leaders of the Rochester Metro area. They not only need to open residents' eyes to the greatness that exists in Rochester, but they must also work on the areas that are lacking. No place is perfect, but Rochester is still a damn, fine place to live if you don't let yourself be turned off by the negativity that some of the close-minded residents seem to have. Believe me, I've now lived in an area for four years that has had that "no-good" self-esteem so long that they actually to sue hotels from developing downtown. Come on people!

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