Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Legal Online Music Services Do Not Meet Needs

A few weeks ago or so I wrote an optimistic post about Napster possibly being the answer to my prayers for having a source of new and popular music downloads that didn't rob me blind. I was mistaken. Sadly, the premium service that Napster has available allows you unlimited streaming and downloading, but should you want to actually burn a song to disc then you have to pay 99-cents a song or $9.95 per album. Feeling defeated, I went back to Emusic and signed up for the basic package which allows me to download 40 songs a month for $9.99 with unlimited burning. The selection is still poor in terms of popular music, but at least there's still enough there that I can take advantage of for a few months.

Microsoft has announced they're going "to give the online music service a whirl". I can hope, but I'm not as optimistic this time that they'll offer a service worth buying into. It just bothers me that Emusic is the only company that has gotten it "right" in terms of my needs.

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