Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Good & Ugly

The Good News: Matt still has a job via his boss getting re-elected.

The Bad News: We're pretty sure we lost the majority on city council.

The Good News: We didn't lose any incumbents who were actually running in any of the city races.

The Bad News: We lost an incumbent who wasn't campaigning for reason I won't get into.

The Good News: We may still hold onto the majority in the County Legislature

The Bad News: It's going to come down to absentees.

The Ugly News: We lost at least one race Legislature-wise that we shouldn't have lost.

Some Funny News: I have the great distinction for unintentionally calling the Mayor on his cell phone while he was in the voting booth. It was a nice little laugh.

Added Note (1:55 PM): For full election results in our county GO HERE.

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