Thursday, October 09, 2003

Gaaahhhhrrrrrrrr... The Anticipation!

My quest for digital downloads at a reasonable price may end on October 29th. Believe it or not, the answer is: Napster. Ala Emusic, Napster will offer a monthly subscription of $9.95, that will give users unlimited access to music and downloads. Unlike Emusic, Napster will have major labels featured on their site. I left Emusic because there simply wasn't artists and labels I was interested in. Oh sure, now they have SpinArt, Beggar's Banquet, and 4AD, but it's still doesn't fit my musical taste requirements. I'm saying a little prayer that my financial situation doesn't change much going into the new year so that I can sign up for this program. I hope it's not too graphic of me to say I'm drooling in anticipation of unlimited downloads at a ridiculously low price. The guilty pleasures that will be mine!

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