Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Disappearing Blog

One of my friends took down her blog in the past few days. As of today and this moment, it's still cached on Google, but she's hoping that will be gone soon as well. It's one of those cases where an employer or fellow employee has found a blog and maybe the stuff in it isn't too flattering to the employer or employee. I couldn't find the news articles that have been written about this, but this is nothing new. It's why I generally don't write about work on here. I know people in my local community that read this. It's an odd feeling, especially since the majority of people who read this don't leave comments, so I'm left to decipher who has been here through my sitemeter account. Not that I'm paranoid or begging for comments (they are nice though).

I think people post online without even thinking of the consequences of what might happen if their significant other, employer, family, or friends saw something potentially unflattering or very revealing. You risk so much if you post in a manner that does not protect yourself. I generally suggest LiveJournal for the people that want to tell all but at least afford themselves some protection when blogging. There's this little function that allows you to make your posts public/private/or open to people on your friend's list. I've seen it work for people I know quite well.

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