Monday, October 06, 2003

As Will I In a Month and Few Days

Lileks is in New York City. Or he was. Either way, his descriptions of the city, or the city in his mind make one say, "Yes! I want to go there! This is how I remember it too!" Then I remember, I AM going there. Next month. It's a three day trip with my mom, my Aunt Carol, and my mom's best friend Susan. The goal is to get the fabric for my wedding dress and a tiara. It could be stressful, but I'm hoping to glaze over enough to enjoy the sights and block out the pitter patter of wedding-talk. I'll need a break by then anyway since we will have just finished the election cycle. Which reminds me, I believe it is too late to register to vote, but check with your Board of Elections anyway if you need to register. Got it? Good.

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