Monday, August 11, 2003

Stomping In The Rain

I've accepted that anytime I have plans to do something outdoors that will rain. And rain it did right as we were finishing up the Grape Stomping event at Lucy's Birthday Celebration.

The event went well. We managed to work around some last minute snafu's and get everything in a smooth assembly line of a. encouraging people to stomp grapes b. timing them while they stomped c. getting the stompers' feet sprayed off d. and giving them the trivia sheet to fill out. It was a pretty involved event in terms of what people had to do to win one of two gift baskets. And even though it was pouring so much that most of East Third Street was flooding and bolts of lightning could be seen close by, we still managed to finish off the contest with help of Lucy impersonator, Diane Vincent, to much happiness.

One advantage of the rain is that when it came time to dispose of all the mashed grapes, we just let the rain rushing down the hill wash the mash down the storm drain. Mind you we did this at the suggestion of one of the volunteers that also sits on the Board of Public Utilities' board.

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