Thursday, August 14, 2003

In The Dark on the Blackout

Ironically, the only time the blackout has affected me was when I tried to get food in Fredonia on my way to Buffalo right after 4pm. I thought the power outage was a local thing at the time. I'm not going to post any news links because part of the information being disseminated is inaccurate.

THE BIG INACCURACY: Lightning was not the cause of this massive power outage. It was a clear day here in Western New York and weather forecasters (AKA Don Paul on WIVB in Buffalo, NY) stated that no lightning strikes have been documented in the region. Plus, Niagara-Mohawk officials from here in Western New York have verified that information as well. So don't listen to that Jean Chretien fellow in Canada. I may love our neighbors to the north (and west in my case), but their leader is way off base on this one. It's too bad the rest of the national media hasn't figured that out yet.

So while a good chunk of this Great Lakes/Eastern Seaboard area was without power, I was basking in the musical beauty of Aimee Mann in Buffalo. What an exquisite concert! She did all my favorite songs ("Wise Up", "Save Me", and "That's Just What You Are"). Unfortunately, that all almost pales in comparison to what I came home to. At least we have power now. Matt says we did lose it for 3 hours while our Board of Public Utilities switched over to its backup of natural gas. Huzzah to that!

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