Thursday, June 12, 2003

Raining On Forever

It seems when we are just breathing a sigh of relief that we won't have a drought season then we have to start worrying about flooding. Our county is under a flood watch, which isn't much, but I can't help but think of those poor farmers who can do nought while the rain falls and falls. I became accustomed to the gray, fog, and drizzle after experiencing that most of the days of my vacation. I suppose it was quite like England in that respect. Our nicest day was the last full day of vacation in Portland, Maine where it was so warm that we were able to wear shorts for the first time. The trip was quite nice and if I have bits of time I will begin uploading pictures to ImageStation. I have over 125 pictures so far, with at least another 25 on the way once I finish my current roll of film. There's almost too much to relay on here, but it was a lovely time.

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