Monday, June 23, 2003

A Move to Canada?

Even despite some of its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to red tape in government, health issues (including health care), and higher cost of living, Canada looks better some days when I look at what our current president, congress, and state government are doing to the United States.

It started with the headline I saw in the National Post while vacationing in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island: "PM Says He's Better Than Bush". Being a Democrat, I had to put in a toony (that's a $2 coin) and find out just why Jean Chretien thought he had bragging rights. The article, alas no longer available online, made it quite clear. In just the economic area alone, I found out that Canada still has a surplus! Imagine that! And while SARS and Mad Cow disease are not the most friendly things to a country's economy, at least they could be managed and weren't brought upon the country by its leaders.

This all led to me casually, and mostly jokingly, suggesting to Matt that I wanted to move to Canada if "W" was voted into office in 2004. I don't consider it re-elected since he was more or less appointed in the first place. I figure, I'd fit in well enough where the Maritimes and the province of Ontario are concerned. My French is abysmal seeing as how I only took one semester in college. But don't be calling me Alec Baldwin yet. This is all in jest and I have high hopes that we'll be able to pull this country out of the ultra-conservative rut that it's being driven into.

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