Thursday, June 19, 2003

A Grown-Up Friendly Version of Harry Potter

Jenny's pre-purchase of the British Harry Potter books made me realize that I, too, must have the British version of this glorious series. After reading a suggestion in her comments, I made my way over to Amazon-UK and bought the "Adult" version of Book Five along with Adult editions of the previous four novels in paperback. It's funny to call it "adult" since they mean dust-jacket-is-less-kid-like rather than adult in the XXX-sense. Soon I'll be able to enjoy Harry Potter with all the original British coloquialisms! Oh, I also splurged a bit more an picked up the Bend It Like Beckham soundtrack (the UK version).

Another note on the UK site. It's actually cheaper, even with shipping, to buy off the UK site than the Canadian site. I was a bit surprised, but after doing the currency conversions, I would have paid the same price to buy just the 4 volume book set from the Canadian site as I paid to buy the 4 volume paperback set, book five, and the CD from the UK site.

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