Thursday, May 08, 2003

She's a Flight Risk

Gah, I'm totally addicted to "She's a flight risk". I haven't made up my mind on whether it's fiction or not, but I bow to the people over at Wired.Com News for this article that led me to that blog.

It's truly fascinating. I'm sure everyone thinks about running away at some point in their lives. I once had a grand scheme to ride my bike all the way to Seattle, WA from Rochester, NY when I was in 8th grade. And when I was at Buffalo State I used to drive back to Rochester at a moment's notice just to see my boyfriend. Seeing him was a first priority, but I also did it for the thrill of escaping to some place without really telling anyone. I would still like to do that if I didn't have time constraints. Matt and I do try to take spontaneous day trips, but it's been a long time since we up and decided to just pack it up and go off on an unexpected weekend. The last time we did that, we went to Cleveland and shocked the bejeezus out of Heidi. Now that I've got the hang of flying, I have this taste for up and jetting to someplace. I still would like to go to Seattle some day but it's so far and involves all those time changes. Not saying I wouldn't be that crazy to try it in a long weekend, but I guess age brings about practicality sometimes.

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