Tuesday, May 20, 2003

But You Seem So Conservative!

Sometimes it's surprising to hear how people view you. I was at the executive board meeting for Jamestown's NEXT (a young professional's group) last night and we got to talking about the Avril Lavigne concert that had happened in the city of Dunkirk that morning. The discussion was along the lines of "She's NOT punk!" I offered up, "OK Go.. they rock so hard! Comparitively." I got four sets of wide eyed-stares from two members and the comment, "I never thought I'd hear the phrase 'rocks so hard' from Julia's mouth!" I was dumbfounded. Then the one fellow stated that I seem so conservative, especially when you consider how I dress. I had just come from work, so I was still in the "monkey suit" to a degree. I answered back that I really don't get into clothes too much and I just tend to wear plain stuff. I just think it's so funny that they thought I was conservative. I assured them they didn't really know me.

The funny bit about it is that I do tend to be conservative in terms of being outspoken or in my dress or mannerisms. That doesn't mean that my beliefs, taste in music/arts/film/etc., and other interests are conservative. I'm definitely a liberal in that sense.

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