Thursday, April 03, 2003

My Local Connection to EMpTy-V Schlock

I was watching our local cable news broadcast last night and a story on "Kick Butts" Day caught my eye. Malik from Real World: NYC (X) was visiting along with a girl who is on the current Sorority Life on MTV. It was an ok story until I realized I knew the Sorority Pledge. I think my exact exclamation was, "Oh my god! It's the Greek dancer girl!". I was a little surprised to see that Nicole was part of the show. For the past four years I've watched her dance at the annual Yassou! Greek festival and in various Jamestown High School musical productions. I must be getting old because I think I said something to the effect, "What's a nice girl like her doing pledging for a sorority like that?". Ah well. My other local connection to the show would be Janine, my mom's best friend's daughter, who is a student at UB. She says it's kind of funny to watch the show and see people you have classes with on tv. The show is utter crap, but it draws you in.

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