Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Your Voice Does Not Matter

Apparently, "W" does not care what we all think about a war with Iraq. Article Here. Sure, a lot of these protests were outside the U.S., but there were protests conducted here in the states as well. What I garner from this article is that "our" President doesn't give a rats arse about representing the people of this country. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a more recent poll than this and you must take into account that it doesn't include changing sentiments due to Powell's report. If you can find a more recent poll, let me know:
Published on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 by the Los Angeles Times
Most Unconvinced on Iraq War
Two-thirds believe Bush has failed to make the case an attack would be justified

by Maura Reynolds

WASHINGTON -- Despite a concerted effort by the Bush administration, more than two-thirds of Americans believe the president has failed to make the case that a war with Iraq is justified, according to a Los Angeles Times poll.

The overwhelming majority of respondents -- 90% -- said they do not doubt that Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction. But in the absence of new evidence from U.N. inspectors, 72% of respondents, including 60% of Republicans, said the president has not provided enough evidence to justify starting a war with Iraq.

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