Wednesday, February 19, 2003

This Is Why I Use Kazaa-Lite..

I've heard various arguements about the use of p2p programs like the former-Napster, Kazaa, AudioGalaxy, and Morpheus. Some people think it's the best thing that's happened when it comes to modern technology. Others I know abhor it, saying that it's basically stealing money/products from well-deserving artists or companies. I tend to flip between feeling guilty about downloading music for free and feeling righteous when the song I've downloaded sounds like crap, so in the end I didn't waste $16 buying the entire CD. And I still buy tons of CDs, most of the time of artists I've downloaded that I found really merit me spending my hard-earned cash.

This article represents how I feel about the whole music industry and radio industry especially. I can't stand commercial radio most days. I get happy when I hear a decent song, but I hate the conglomorates.

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