Monday, December 23, 2002

Mini Movie Marathon

I took advantage of getting my Christmas shopping and various other bits done early and rented several DVD's this weekend. In order, I watched:
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
Monsoon Wedding
Y Tu Mama Tambien

I recommend all three, but if you're not into romantic/comedy/drama with subtitles, skip Monsoon Wedding. Dangerous Lives.. was quite good. Definitely left me and Matt thinking. The ending was such that I had to watch Monsoon Wedding in order to gain some better footing. If you rent Y Tu Mama Tambien, get the unrated version. I never liked the idea that movies are softened for American audiences. I'd rather see something in all its sex/violence/etc. than a sanitized version. In this case, the movie was unrated due to sexual content. I rented it more for the fact that I wanted to see the technique of the man who will be directing the third Harry Potter film.

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