Monday, December 16, 2002

Jinxies! Nancy's Back on the Case

I was satisfied with the tv production of Nancy Drew (link requires registration) last night on ABC. Sure, Nancy got into a few scrapes you didn't read in the books (like hacking into computers, thus getting put in the slammer until Daddy bailed her out), but it was all good. There were enough "loose" ends at the end of the movie to allow for additional movies/tv series. I'd probably watch it since there were enough good moments in the movie. Plus, Nancy Drew reads Dorothy Parker (one of books Nancy pulls out of her suitcase while unpacking in her new dorm). A related note, more connected to the books, doesn't it seem funny that Nancy was always getting into those scrapes that led to her being tied up, drugged up, knocked out, and generally incapacitated? Even when I was younger, it seemed a little excessive at points. Like the author was annoyed with Nancy or perhaps Nancy just likes to be tied up.

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