Sunday, October 06, 2002

We Go Bald for Basketball

Matt and I attended a fundraiser Friday night in honor of a local guy who died of cancer. The fundraiser was for a youth basketball team program at the YMCA and the gimmick was to have people pledge money to other people to get their heads shaved. So now Matt is bald and a bit funny looking. His boss, the mayor, also got his head shaved which got him a lot of "props" such as, "Wow.. the mayor is getting his head shaved? That's quality man!" from the drunk guys in the crowd. Good event overall. I think they raised $30,000. The only downer was high winds leftover from Hurricane Lili knocked out power towards the end of the event, but since the beer taps still worked and the bartenders had flashlights, a lot of people stayed for a bit more. Crazy.

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