Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Community Orchestra Drivel

I enjoy playing the violin with an orchestra. I hate the arrogance that sometimes accompanies the people that make up the orchestra. We had our last rehearsal last night for the community orchestra's concert on Sunday. The conductor picked out some decent tunes, all arrangements, but good stuff. I could have done without the self-appointed first chair, violinist giving us all a lesson on ricochet bowing. As if we were all morons. It was pretty obvious that we all knew what ricochet bowing was and followed along in her lesson just to amuse ourselves. I probably wouldn't have minded the "refresher" if it wasn't "taught" with such arrogance and in a patronizing manner. On the upside, it looks like my family will give a good showing on Sunday. Nice to have family that cares to drive out of their way to come hear you play.

On another orchestra note. They only do two concerts a year. Then there's the Living Christmas Tree musical/concert thing. I was curious about playing, but apparently somebody has to die off before you can be considered. That's even more a factor if you're a violinist like me. I commented ruefully, "Gee, guess I should have been a violist" to the fellow passing out music for the Xmas Tree concert. Didn't help that the aforementioned first chair violinist gushed that the Living Christmas Tree was the living end when it came to local concerts. I had to keep myself from visibly rolling my eyes. Right now, I'm waiting to hear back about a possible gig in a pit orchestra for an upcoming comedy. More time out of my life, but I think it might be fun. I always enjoyed pit orchestra in high school and college.

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