Thursday, September 05, 2002

Quick Vacation Synopsis

I finally have a moment to breathe to get this down. Vacation was nice other than wishing it was longer. If you have the opportunity to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, do it. It's hysterical. I saw it with Matt on Tuesday since it finally came to the Jamestown area. My trip to Skaneateles with my mom went well. We mostly window shopped there and had some pretty amazing ice cream. The trip to the Outlets in Waterloo (just off the New York State Thruway) was more successful. I bought a lot of nice work clothes for very nice prices. All items were under $20. That trend continued the next day when I got some preliminary Christmas shopping done and found more clothes for great prices. I spent more on the new Martha Grimes mystery than I did on a single piece of clothing! Oh happy day *smiles*

I did get to see a few friends, have few drinks of the alcoholic and caffiene-laden variety, hear some jazz music, and generally laugh a lot. The garage sale went well too. We made a couple hundred bucks, so it was deemed a success.

One of the only things that grated at me were some comments my mom made. For example, my parents, my mom's best friend and I were eating dinner and somehow conversation came around to my former-boyfriend Matt. My mom made the comment, "That was my favourite Matt." I don't even think she realized what she said, and while I have nothing against former-Matt (that sounds so funny), you would think my mom would have been a little more tactful. Oh well.

My parents did travel back to Jamestown with me so we could see the fireworks display at Bergman Park. The Zambelli Fireworks Company put it on. Wow! It was just fantastic! We sat pretty close to where they were shot off and it was cool to see the chrysanthemum (sp?) style fireworks create a chanelier effect over the crowd. Actually, the sparks fell pretty close to the audience and didn't extinguish until they were nearly on top of us. A little nerve-wreaking but cool nonetheless.

On Monday, we got our washer and dryer courtesy of Heidi's parents. We fed them dinner after Matt and Heidi's Dad huffed and puffed to get the machines in the basement. A tiring vacation in some ways, but a good time all around.

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