Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Must Have Been That Combination of Chocolate and Beer

Phew! Did I have a bizarre string of dreams last night. I believe it started with me being in Buffalo by the waterfront (Lake Erie). It was night time, but I was going to surf with one of my friends (Shep). This is kind of funny since I don't surf and Lake Erie really isn't the kind of body of water you surf on anyway. I decided the waves were too small or something and wandered over to this group of people that were jamming on some musical instruments. I picked up this sawed off cello (sawed off at the top end of the neck) and started doing this slap thing with the bow against the strings. It was really cool sounding and the people I was jamming with thought so too. We took a break and I walked away, talking with Shep. He said the group, The Fleetwoods, wanted me to come jam with them at some club down the road. I kind of nodded and said that would be cool. Shep then got excited and mentioned that it was better than that since the two main people in the group (Mick and someone else) were the Fleetwoods, as in Fleetwood Mac. That raised an eyebrow for me and I thought to myself, "Hey, I can't wait to tell about this!" The dream changed after that and went into something about being "in the hood" and trying to take a magazine out of the library, but not having my library card. I don't know. That should teach me for mixing desserts with alcohol late at night.

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