Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Journalist Who Lie

Thank god for Meg. She made me smile today with her post on journalists who smuggle weapons onto planes and then write about how lax security is at the airports. Journalists do stupid things occassionally and then revel in the fact that they either got away with it or were caught. I know all about this. I took great pride, and gained acceptance in the newsroom, when I was escorted off the premises of a hospital for interviewing an employee without permission. Nevermind the fact that before I visited this health establishment I had called the hospital repeatedly, trying to reach someone there to give an interview or give permission for me to be there. Some quick background info: the hospital was trying to ban a hotdog stand vendor from selling on the sidewalk next to the hospital, claiming the smoke from his stand was creating a health hazard. The city said "no dice" and let the guy keep his stand there. A year later, the hospital opened up their own hot dog stand right by the main entrance to the hospital. Hipocrisy? Sure! And I was lucky enough that a guy I went to high school with was flipping the burgers for the stand, so he gave me a quick interview before I had to go. I got caught being there, but lied through my teeth about getting the interview. So I got caught and got away with something. I should note that this hospital is pretty much shut down right now. Hm.

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